Free Registration for Music Lessons at Solbasstrend Music Institute

In a bid to impact musical knowledge and to assist you to gain your desired skills, we have invited you to be a part of the quality music training programme by Solbasstrend Media Company. The company was established in 2020 to give hands on quality music training to the young and adult people of Nigeria. We run curriculum teaching and music learning activities with the students of lower and upper grades in primary schools, secondary schools and colleges. We teach uniquely popular music and contemporary music arts to individuals, groups and organisations who desire to help their members achieve their goals in music. We started what we described and termed as “POWER LESSONS BY SOLBASSTREND”. It has become an increasingly popular source of inspiration and great development for many people whom we have had allowed to have encounter with our training team. Our staffs are highly experienced, passionate and dedicated to the basic motives upon which we establish this business entity. As we intend to modify our business structures and to extend this golden opportunity to meet needs of our business environment, we are starting this new course with greater quality as the bedrock of our services. This is the concept starting a new phase of the training programme for the year 2022 and this will definitely be beneficial to you and add value to your musical engagement. Below are the videos of our success stories so far.

Instructing secondary school pupils on violin, electronic keyboard and guitar at Apex Olive College, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria, Africa.

Private home lesson with one of our students and a staff of Solbasstrend’s Media Company.

Click here to register:

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