I Believe So I Speak by Oluwatoyin Onakpoya


This is a song of gratitude to God for His mercy and grace towards me.

The song was motivated by the revealed word in Isaiah chapter 54 and verses 11 to 14. The assurance of an enduring, beautiful, peaceful life with generational blessings as God Himself builds me from foundation to completion with materials He provides!

God’s mercy in Hosea 14: 5-7 declares how impactful and beautiful life becomes when God personnaly rains down dew upon it!

Isn’t the Lord amazingly wonderful? Almighty, yet so merciful! I believe it so I declare it! Give Him praise.. He deserves it.

Oluwatoyin Onakpoya is a Nigerian singer, worship leader and currently worships at the New Covenant Church Ifecity Centre. She is an Ophthalmologist, married to Dr. Uvie Onakpoya and blessed with four wonderful children.

N. B: To Download click on the three dots to the right of the music player.

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